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Sheetrock damage happens for many reasons. Sometimes it’s out of your control, but accidents, incidents, and decor can take a toll on your sheetrock, too. At Manco Painting, we understand that little holes and big holes are just a fact of life. Living with them doesn’t have to be, though.
Sheetrock repair is more complicated than it may seem. At Manco Painting, we have the expertise to repair your sheetrock and, when possible, help prevent it from returning. We’re careful with your nearby property and possessions while we work, ensuring they remain safe and free from any dust or debris generated by the repair. At Manco Painting, top-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand.
Manco Painting contractors deal with everything from nail holes to major sheetrock repair work, and everything in between. When you need your sheetrock repaired, Manco Painting will deliver like-new results with impeccable customer service. You can depend on Manco Painting for your sheetrock repair needs!
Sheetrock damage comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Manco Painting can fix it all.

Popped Nails and Cracks from Settling

Often, sheetrock damage emerges when a home ages. Cracks can appear on walls and ceilings as the home settles. The same is true for nail pops, which are bulges that appear in sheetrock due to pressure from nail and screw heads underneath. Training is needed to ensure the cracks are mended and the nail pops are repaired so they don’t return. At Manco Painting, we assess the situation and take action to make sure your wall remains smooth after our repair is completed.

Renovation Damage

While doing home improvement projects, materials may need to be removed from a wall. If an item like tile or wallpaper has been glued to the wall’s surface, removing it can tear away the sheetrock and create a hole or other damage. Manco Painting can repair any holes and smooth the surface so it looks like nothing was ever there.

Repair Damage

Unfortunately, events like leaking water can lead to serious sheetrock damage. Even if the sheetrock isn’t obviously damaged by the water, it’s a good idea to remove and replace the sheetrock that’s been waterlogged for some time.

Additionally, the repair or alteration of pipes or other components within the wall’s interior can result in damage that requires repair. Once your interior wall repairs are complete, Manco Painting will create a smooth wall surface once again.

Incidental Damage

Furniture can slide into your sheetrock, scuffing it or creating unsightly dents. Doorknobs are a common incidental damage culprit. People and pets brushing against wall corners chip away at the finished edge, revealing ugly exposed metal. Your walls don’t need to stay this way. Manco Painting can come in and repair the day-to-day damage that diminishes the appearance of your home.


Whether they’re from pictures, roughhousing, trip-and-fall accidents, or any other cause, sheetrock holes happen. No matter the size, they need to be repaired. A poorly done hole repair looks almost as bad as the hole did. That’s why it’s best to leave sheetrock hole repairs to the professionals. Manco Painting’s repairs improve the appearance of your home and help you forget there was ever a problem with the sheetrock.

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Manco Painting has been doing excellent work serving the Houston, Texas area for over 40 years. We deliver high-quality results that exceed our customers’ expectations. When you want quality and professionalism, you want Manco Painting.

Whether you’re seeking sheetrock repair for your home or your business, we’re here to serve you. Give us a call, and talk with us at Manco Painting about your project today.

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