Protect your house from the elements.  The paint on your house is a barrier
against the weather.  Without a coat of quality acrylic exterior house paint,
you will be exposing your home to expensive repairs. Manco Painting can
help you prevent damage from the Texas sun and rains.  We also offer
maintenance and repair solutions.
You can totally change the ambiance of your home with the right shade of
paint.  After all color is a sensation produced by various rays of light.  
Did you recently purchase a new home?  Add some impact with color accents.
Make sure your home is in pristine condition before listing it for sale.  
Create curb appeal to attract potential buyers.  Let Manco Painting replace
rotted wood and apply a fresh coat of paint to your home.  Local real estate
brokers recommend a neutral interior color pallete to appeal to the vast
majority of buyers.  Whites are not the only neutral.  Natural hues add light
and comfort to your home.  
Prior to painting the exterior of your home, we prepare it in the following
manner to assure a quality result.  We pressure wash with a tri sodium
phosphate diluted chlorox solution to remove mold, mildew and stains on
brick and wood.  We replace any rotted wood with treated wood or
TM.  We scrape and feather sand any loose or peeling paint and
prime bare wood with an oil base primer.  We re-nail loose boards, siding
and gutters.  We caulk all cracks, splits and seams with a siliconized 35 year
latex caulk.  Manco uses only top quality paint.  We can match your existing
color or you can choose a whole new look