Thanks for job well done.  Your crews were very professional, courteous, and caring.  They took
care to cover all the furniture and floors before they got started.  The pricing wasn't the cheapest
we had an estimate for, but not the most expensive either.  We are glad we selected you guys
for the work.  The repairs they made to the sheetrock damaged ceilings and walls couldn't even
be seen after they were finished.  Our agent complimented you on the job well done as well.
Thanks again!
PS - This is the 3rd time we have used you.  Same crews, same people for at least the past 20
years (that we have used you) is absolutely amazing!  We will be using you again in our new
home for sure! Your new TEACHER discount is absolutely wonderful.  No one else offers
teachers discounts.

Barbara J.

Just wanted to say Thanks! to Manco for the excellent job.  I had very little time to get my house
ready for a sale.  Humberto came in with his crew and knocked everything out in short order.  
They stayed late and finished the job so I could show it to potential buyers the next day.
- Bill F.

A note of thanks for the great job your professional staff of painters did.  Not only were they
attentive to the job, which they did very well but they were extremely attentive to the environment.  
They protected the areas not to be painted and also cleaned up with extreme care.  It is obvious
that they truly take great pride in how they complete the job and we really appreciate that.

Please extend our compliments for a JOB WELL DONE to those men.

Jerry & Evelyn Smith

Manco Painting
I just wanted to let you know that we were totally impressed with your company from beginning
to end of the job. You gave us a professional bid that was fair. You kept us advised on the day of
rain when we were originally scheduled to have our home painted. You helped with the paint
choice when we had questions also' Your workers were professional and did a terrific job of
keeping the area clean, making sure our items were protected around the house and letting us
know how the work was going. Thank you for a job very well done and we will recommend you
to anyone who calls.
Best Regards,
Gary and Teri Gnaedinger

Thank you so much for the professional paint job that was provided by your company. We are
so pleased with all of  the work that your men did on our home. I gave your name to my
neighbor who is interested in having her home painted as well. I will definitly recommend you
and your company through out the community.

Thank you again for such excellent service.
Colleen Dempsey

Your company did a wonderful job on the exterior of our house.  Please thank the entire crew
who all worked tirelessly for the past two days.  They were professional, precise and neat, and
the house looks fantastic. We will definitely call you for any future interior or exterior painting
needs.  We'd also be happy to be a reference, should you need one.

Thanks again!
Judy Brannon

Thank you so much for coming today!  All three rooms look fantastic!  This will be the third home
(fourth time total) we have asked for your services.  EVERYTIME, we have been pleased from
beginning to end.  We have passed your name and business card on to others in the past.  I
will continue to do so.  I look forward in contacting you again to complete the rest of the house!


Hi David and Lisa,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy we are with the painting job
Humberto and his 2 assistants did in our home this weekend.  What an amazing difference!!  
They were very professional, polite and they worked their butts off all weekend for us.  We are
very happy with the results.  We will be recommending Manco Painting to all our friends and
family.  If you ever need a reference feel free to use us.

I am going to be calling you again next month because we have more rooms we would like to
have painted and we will need an estimate.

Thank you again.
Geri and Brian Kelly

Description Of Work:
Replaced rotten wood on the house and garage, caulked and painted all new wood, windows,
doorway and where needed. Did a great job and will use again.
David came to my house when he said he would. We walked the house and he gave me a very
good opinon of what really needed to be (and did not) need to be done. He did not try to upsell
me or scare me in to other work (a big deal to me). David emaild me a complete breakdown
and price later the same day. They schedulde my job and showed up on time. The day of the
job David and the crew arrived on time and thre crew worked all day and finished up the next
moring. A great job.
Kyle Brown

Description Of Work:
Mr. David Felske inspected the exterior of the house, checking the wood trim around the
windows at eye level, as well as siding/hardy plank to be repaired/replaced. He was thorough
and explained to me exactly what I should expect to be replaced/repaired.
(This was done about 1 month prior to actually performing the job as we had to wait decision of
HOA on paint colors) Our inspection report and estimate was returned to us in less than 24
Mr. Felske and crew began on Monday, July 18th and completed on Friday, July 22nd. (The
house is a large two story and there was a rain day in there too) . I am so very pleased with the
job that MANCO painting did... It was so incredibly hot and to have to be outside, on the roof
replacing hardy board/siding, repairing/replacing window trim and then painting...phew!!! The
men were amazing... polite, efficient. Their prep-work meticulous. There was no paint on the
roofing shingles, windows or patio/sidewalks. All I had to do was ooohhh and ahhhh!!!

Description Of Work:
Manco painted the exterior of our house.
Preparation included pressure washing complete exterior of house with a tri-sodium
phosphate diluted chlorox solution wash, followed with a 2,800 P.S.I. rinse. All loose and
peeling paint were scraped and feather sanded at edges. All bare wood was primed with a
exterior oil base wood primer. All cracks, splits, and seams were caulked with a 35 yr
siliconized base latex caulking. All cracks at windows were caulked to brick. All metal brick
lentils above windows were prepared and painted with an exterior industrial enamel oil base
paint. All loose wood, siding, and gutters wer re-nailed as needed. All roof flashing was painted
with direct to metal exterior paint. Included painting all previously painted surfaces with 1 coat of
Sherwin Williams premium 25 year Super Paint in a satin finish.
Manco also replaced some rotted wood trim on the slides of our garage door.
Finally, Manco replaced a hanging lantern in the front and a outdoor fan with new hardware that
had already been purchased by us.
The Manco painting crew arrived promptly on time (7:30am) on both days. They worked both
days until perhaps 6pm. They cleaned up well on both days.
They did a good job with all the work. They seemed to be nice people. I felt very comfortable
having them around.
The owner (David) came by a day or so later to inspect the work. He found a few things that he
wanted his team to corrrect. I honestly had not noticed them.
Later on I did use a razor to remove some paint remnants from some windows panes. So I
can't say that the quality was perfect but I am giving it an "Excellent" anyway as it was pretty
I was very pleased with the work and the overall experience.
James Musselman

Description Of Work:
They painted one coat on 2 bedrooms & a hall over 1998 builders' paint; they skim-coated,
sanded, textured, primed & painted a small bathroom (someone removed the ugly wallpaper
beforehand); they re-painted the 2 bathroom door frames & baseboards, & the hall
baseboards; they painted one coat in a very tall entry & two coats on the joining dark walls
below the chair-rail.  They smoothed out, sanded, re-textured, & painted a ceiling area where a
contractor had stepped on the sheetrock.
Great!  The crew arrived early the first day & got to work immediately after owner David Felske
walked through the project with them.  The headman went to get the paint & brought it back,
then the crew shrank to 2 men who worked constantly until 5:30.  The owner gave us a fair price
on the ceiling crack which happened 3 days days before Manco was scheduled to come.  He
also added painting the 2nd bedroom for a low price; I hadn't noticed it wasn't on the original
bid, even tho' it was the room we waited years to empty so that part of the house could be
painted.  They couldn't paint one bedroom the 1st day because another contractor (electrical)
was running late with his job, so he had to work in there.  A single painter worked alone most of
the 2nd day, arriving even earlier.  The headman came late that afternoon to expertly texture &
paint the ceiling patch & help the other painter finish & clean up.  
We have a LOT of pictures on the walls.  The crew was willing to fill holes we left empty & paint
around all the nails & picture hangers in place, so we could just re-hang pictures after the walls
dried a couple of days.  Floors & furniture were tarped over with thin plastic, any drops of paint
quickly cleaned up.  Curtain rods were put back in place.  The owner came by 4 times in 2 days
to check the job.  
It's hard to imagine how the job could have been done more professionally, or the crew worked
any harder.  It was completed in the time they said, & looks wonderful!
Warren Ross

Description Of Work:
We had Manco paint the outside of our home, including some repairs to siding.
Manco workers arrived on time, David (owner) went over the job with us and the workers.  First
day was spent doing power washing and prep work.  Second day, workers arrived on time and
did more prep and painted (two coats).  We are very pleased with the work that we had done.  
Definitely would recommend them.  In fact, two of our neighbors have already used Manco to
paint the outside of their homes.
Cindy Lowe

Description Of Work:
I had five holes (from speaker removal), that needed to be filled and painted. Three of these
were in a wall and two were in the ceiling.
They did an excellent job. They showed up on time,  protected everything that needed to be
covered up, performed the patching, and painting, all within 5 hours. Outstanding work. I could't
tell where the speakers were after they were done.
Daniel Wieder

Description Of Work:
Powerwash exterior, replaced some wood siding, reset gutters, painted house / front door /
garage /
Did a great job. Very nice and friendly. Would use them again. I recommend them
David Wilson

Description Of Work:
Manco Painting provided a bunch of wood repair, they removed all my gutters and power
washed my entire house, replaced trim work along my chimney and other places on my house,
they replaced a column in the front of the house and cut it to size, they re-caulked all of my 30
windows, painted all my lentels, shutters, wood surfaces, caulked everything, refinished my
front door with all new hardware and then painted my house!
I could not believe how fabulous my house looked after the power washing! One man did
nothing but caulked for 2 days. For $4000 I got a big bang for my buck. They are going to do
some work for me on the inside of my house soon. The crew leader, Ramone, was so nice. He
was so patient and calm. My husband is a little hyper and pointed things out. We showed
Ramone and he took care of everything. We knew they would miss things here and there and
they went back and fixed everything.
Bonnie Lee Lepore

Description Of Work:
They first stripped wall paper and sanded the walls and added texture to them. They then
painted my kitchen cabinets and walls and my breakfast area, including paneling.
The job went very well. They have done 4 different painting jobs for me over the years. I like their
services. They are very professional. The man who owns and runs the company is very
professional in how he runs his business. Everything is always open and above board. He has
never tried to pull any fast ones on me. They do what they say they are going to do, quickly and
efficiently. If there are any problems with the work they are always willing to correct it. The
finished product has always been pleasing to me. The work is done well with good products.
They use Sherwin-Williams paint. They are a well-run company. This last project took them 3
full days and they had anywhere from 2 to 4 people working at any given time. It was a very
involved project. I only received 2 estimates for painting. They were the lowest out of the two, but
not by much. I could have possibly found someone cheaper.
John Newcomb

Description Of Work:
Exterior painting of two-story home with detached garage. Painted one coat, similar shade/color
to before. Pressure washing of brick and Hardi-siding before painting. Re-caulk windows and
other gaps. Re-nail siding, trim, and the like before painting. Replaced vented soffit surrounding
garage with new ventilated Hardi-soffitt. Replaced some trim and soffit damage caused by
squirrels. Replaced rotted trim boards all 4 edges of chimney and some windows. Lightly sand
old finish and re-varnish wood entry door with spar varnish.
All in all, this was a great experience from the professional estimate by David (owner) to the
final cleanup by the repair and painting crews. This was the best of 3 estimates. As described
above, besides painting there was wood and siding damage that needed to be replaced. The
first crew arrived early the first morning to pressure wash and caulk. They also measured for
the repairs, cutting Hardi-soffit and Hardi-trim boards. The first day they did much of the repair
work. Before leaving, they placed a sample of paint on the house for us to compare with the
existing paint. This was the only slight issue, a miscommunication on the paint shade. We
informed the painter of which paint shade (color name and number) we agreed on. Since there
was no paint purchased on day one, there was not a problem for us, nor for Manco. Equipment
was gathered up and placed into two unobtrusive piles after day one. On the second day,
repairs continued and painting was done. It took all day but everything was cleaned up and
tidied up by 6PM. We inspected the entire house with David as the crew did final cleanup and
packed up their tools. We noticed just a couple of paint spots on brick, which they immediately
cleaned up. Really, everything looked good, from the wood and siding repairs to the paint job.
After that, we settled the bill and it was all done. Of course we left the entry doors ajar for
another couple of hours to let them dry and reduce sticking in the door jambs. All in all this was
a great contracting experience. The price was reasonable and the best of the estimates for the
work done. We paid no money up front. I should note that the job was originally estimated at 3
days, but David added a second crew on day two that would otherwise be idle (good workforce
management). Without a doubt, we would use Manco again for painting.  
Joseph Focone

Description Of Work:
Painted several rooms inside house and doors and trim outside. Repaired some sheetrock
and caulked minor ceiling cracks.
Very professional job, David came out when scheduled to give us an estimate and Humberto
and his crew arrived at the agreed upon date to do the work. It was a large job and took 2 days
to complete. The painters were helpful and went the extra mile to make sure everyting looked
good, They were friendly, responsive to requests and did a nice job of keeping things clean.
Good overall experience.  
Robert Strauss     

Description Of Work:
I used Manco Painting to paint the inside of my house. It was about 75 percent of the inside of
our house. They also painted some on the outside.
The price was reasonable. They were wonderful. As they were painting the trim work one
gentleman was standing behind him with a vacuum cleaner getting all of the dust. They were
great and they did a beautiful job. The corners are very crisp and there is no bleeding between
colors. I have actually given their name to two other people. Their price was very reasonable. I
would absolutely use them again.
Donald Adams

Description Of Work:
They power washed the exterior of my house and driveway, caulked where needed, and painted
the exterior of my house.
They arrived promptly, power washed the exterior of my house, caulked wherever it was
needed, and the next day they painted the exterior of my house. They did an excellent job and I
would use them again, as well as recommend them to anyone for an excellent exterior house
painting job.
Gail Gillar      

Description Of Work:
Exterior painting and repairs
Came at appointed time, finished work in 2 days, did an outstanding, quality job.  
Leland Fan    

Description Of Work:
Pressure wash exterior of home. Replace rotten exterior trim on garage and home with
HardiPlank trim. Seal and paint to match.
Much of the trim on my home and garage had become rotten, particularly around the bottom of
each piece on the garage, chimney and edges of the home. Within 2 days of my initial phone
call, David at Manco provided me with an estimate to replace the trim with Hardi and paint same
to match. David informed me that my house did not need painting for 2-3 years and just needed
pressure wash. The work was scheduled and completed in a timely fashion. Overall, I was very
pleased with the job and will contact Manco for future painting needs.       
Paul Patillo

Description Of Work:
Exterior painting and wood rot repair. Ultimately, a significant amount of siding was replaced
with Hardiplank. Very good work & I've already recommended Manco to friends.
After obtaining several bids, I selected Manco. They had a competitive bid & I felt very
comfortable with their representative. They did the work according to our schedule and sought
approval before continuing with additional repairs.  
James young   

Description Of Work:
They painted the entire exterior of my 5,000 sq.ft. one story house, including pressure washing
the entire exterior, including the bricks which weren't painted, and replacing a large amount of
rotten wood fascia and soffit boards.
They arrived promptly on Tuesday morning and 3 or 4 men worked 10-11 hours a day every day
except Sunday, finishing on the following Tuesday. The foreman, Ramon, and the carpenter,
Rudolpho, spoke good English and were very polite and easy to communicate with. The owner,
David Fielske, was at the scene every day for about an hour monitoring the progress of the crew
and discussing various options for replacing the rotten wood. My house is 50 years old and
substantially all of the wood that was replaced was no longer available in the dimensions
and/or style of the original construction. In each case we came up with solutions to this problem
that were totally workable and satisfactory. These guys are real problem solvers! The quality of
the painting was exceptional. The painters were very meticulous and graciously corrected any
minor flaws that we noted at the end of the job. They also went above and beyond the original
scope of their job by fixing and painting several small items that were not pointed out to them
when the job estimate was prepared. I really expected to pay a lot more for the quality and
amount of work that was performed.   
Rachelle Bart  

Description Of Work:
They pressure washed the exterior of our house. They cleaned our patio additionally for a very
reasonable amount. They moved everything off the patio, and there was quite a bit of junk. They
also put it all back.
They did a great job and what they were supposed to do. I would hire them again if I still lived in
that city.  
Jennifer Bolt  

Description Of Work:
I got an estimate from Manco Painting for interior painting.
The estimate was mid range. It wasn't the highest or the lowest. He seemed very thorough and
definitely would have been my second choice. The company I went with had a much lower price.
Transcribed from a telephone interview   
Kristina Roth  

Description Of Work:
Retextured all walls. Repaired ceiling in master bedroom, textured to match.
"Crew arrived on time, moved furniture, covered floor with plastic, cleaned up after themselves.
Manco was here for 2 days and did an awesome job. Have recommended Manco to a friend.
Manco is doing another job for me at a different house...and I'll use them again in the future.
David has been very helpful making a stressful situation much easier to deal with. The painting
crews were very pleasent. Left my home very clean!! "
Christine Huttman     

Description Of Work:
David Felske, owner of Manco Painting, came over to give an estimate almost immediately. We
got another Angie's List estimate after that, where the man denied rotten wood was rotten and
said they didn't replace it, anyhow. Manco started the job the day after we accepted their bid,
working around rain and cold. They powerwashed the brick walls and stone lintels as well as
painted areas, used heaps of caulk, and had a carpenter come over to replace a rotten door
frame. After rain and a day of sun to dry things, they did a great job with the paint scheme
required by the neighborhood. They also scraped and painted 2 iron garden gates.
The job went very well. When the workers realized our doors and windows leaked when
power-washed, they hand-scrubbed all the rest. The paint was applied by hand on the garage
doors, so that it wouldn't spray inside on our cars. The workers cleaned up well after the job,
and the house looks great. We used Manco before, inside, to remove wallpaper and texture and
paint a bathroom, and expect to use the company again in the future.  
Warren Ross       

Description Of Work:
Painted house exterior and one bedroom.
Manco provided an excellent painting service. The owner/manager regularly monitored the
three-day paint job. Preparation, painting, and cleanup were all completed within the estimated
time. Work also included minor carpentry work, gutter repair, and a sticky front door. The
professional, skilled, and courteous staff provided an excellent product. At the end, a final
inspection by the company owner found a few minor items requiring attention and tended to
them immediately. One year later (and post hurricane Ike) the paint job has held up and still
looks new. I think this is the true test of a good paint job.   
Mary Jones

Description Of Work:
We hired Manco to replace some siding and to do some touch up painting on the exterior of our
home. We also had them replace a screen door.
They were very professional. They showed up when they said they were going to. They paid very
close attention to detail. They were able to find an exact match to the existing exterior paint color.
They were very knowledgeable about what type of paint to use.
Courtney Schultz       

Description Of Work:
They pressure washed the exterior, caulked all of the nail holes and joints, replaced a few
boards. Next they painted the exterior of the house, the trim work, lentils and the garage. They
used 25 year caulk and 30 year exterior paint from a paint sprayer. They hand brushed in the
paint on the edges and all of the doors. They used latex on the house and oil based on the
doors for the best finish.
They came out and gave us an initial estimate. We agreed to the details by email and then
selected a date for the work to be done. On the appointed date they showed up about 8am and
worked till around 4:30. They were quiet and very professional. The first day they pressure
washed and caulked the house along with repairing the boards. The next day they came and
painted the whole house and garage exterior. The work was professional and clean. There are
only a few paint spots on the grass and no drips have been found around the house. No trash
was left behind and the work was well done. Two day later they called to make sure I was happy
and then we paid them for the work.     
Peter Eick    

Description Of Work:
Manco Painting painted the interior and exterior of our home. They repaired sheet rock
damaged by termites and water leakage. They also removed wallpaper and textured the
surface. They repaired some wood and siding outside as well.
This company was very professional and did an excellent job. The painters were extremely
professional. They were punctual, respectful and efficient. They covered all surfaces with plastic
daily, removing it at the end of the day so that we could live in the house while the work was
done. The only problem we had was that several items we expected to be included in the
estimate were not, and so the final cost was slightly more than the estimate. To be fair, we had
a lot of work done, and the estimate itemized all of the areas covered by the bid. I should have
checked the estimate closer to be sure that everything I had requested was specifically listed
on the estimate. I was pleasantly surprised to find painters with such attention to detail.
Cathy Dannemiller    

Description Of Work:
Pressure washed exterior. Scraped, sanded and caulked all trim and windows. Replaced rotted
wood trim identified prior and during preparation. Painted all wood, shutters and metal exterior
Got off to a very good start when David was early for the appointment to inspect and discuss the
work needed. Bid was prepared and delivered that same night for $1880. Work crew was on
time, conscientious and courteous. Work required 2 days to complete. As requested, they
identified several unknown areas that had wood rot during the preparation process. Dave gave
an additional quote of $165 to replace, prime and caulk these boards. Overall a very satisfactory
Charlie Johnson  

Description Of Work:
He patched out a few places on the walls of our large living are before priming and painting the
room. He painted the trim work as well.
Manco's did a very nice job on our living room, the walls are smooth and there were no
surprises. They did exactly what I wanted them to do. The price of the paint and labor was
included in the cost. They were careful not to splatter paint and I would refer others to them.
Jamie Middleton

Description Of Work:
Manco painted the interior and exterior of an 18,000 sq ft child care center for me. His crew was
very professional. They scheduled the work to be done on weekends over a 4 week period and
they showed up on the agreed upon times each weekend and finished their objectives each
weekend. They cleaned-up each weekend and left fans in the buildings to air out the paint
Great experience overall. David was very professional and helped us in the planning of the
project and set out his timeline of when work would be commenced and completed. His crew
was reliable, friendly and very professional. They met all of their deadlines and the quality of the
work was very high. They came back for touch-up work when requested and did a little bit extra
work with no additional charge. Great experience- would definitely use him again.
Steve Sandweiss

Description Of Work:
David Felske's company did a superb job pressure washing, prepping, and painting the exterior
of my house. They also did a great repair of some rotted wood on a workshop in the
David Felske is very knowledgeable, and a great communicator, answering all my questions
patiently and completely. He's punctual, and always returns phone calls promptly. His work
crews are polite and communicative (especially Simon). The quality of their work is excellent,
with lots of attention paid to important detail work in difficult places. His price was only $200
higher than the lowest bid, yet he delivered superior customer service and excellent work.
Overall, he's a terrific value.
Dean Herrington    

Description Of Work:
Josephine Coffman

Description Of Work:
David Felske's company did a superb job pressure washing, prepping, and painting the exterior
of my house. They also did a great repair of some rotted wood on a workshop in the backyard.
David Felske is very knowledgeable, and a great communicator, answering all my questions
patiently and completely. He's punctual, and always returns phone calls promptly. His work
crews are polite and communicative (especially Simon). The quality of their work is excellent,
with lots of attention paid to important detail work in difficult places. His price was only $200
higher than the lowest bid, yet he delivered superior customer service and excellent work.
Overall, he's a terrific value.
Dean Herrington        

Description Of Work:
Painted all soffits, downpipes, exterior doors, porch overhangs, wood trim and garage door on
a very high 2-story stucco house. It was a large and difficult job. Sanded and applied marine
varnish to a double front door. Repaired, sanded and primed areas that needed it and then
applied 2 coats of good quality exterior paint.
Outstanding: the crew was polite and unobtrusive. They covered all windows and fixtures with
painter plastic to prevent drips. Cleaned up very well and replaced all outdoor furniture and
fixtures. The crew went the extra mile and swept all of our outdoor porch areas before they left.  
Glenda Heugh      

Description Of Work:
Pressure washing, wood preparation(scrape & sand) priming, caulking all cracks, seams, and
sputs, renailing siding, 1 coat of paint and replacement of rotted wood with hardi board.
Tobi Kosanke

Description Of Work:
I called David Felske for a estimate of my 2 story house and I told him what I needed to be
done. painting and the trimming of the exterior and replacing  the rotted wood  around the
house and garage and the patio sun room,replacing and painting the front door,also replacing
and painting a small fence between my house and the neighbors house.He came over the next
day to look at what needed to be done and gave me a very fair estimate  for all the work that had
to be done plus more then was mention above.
Ii you want a job done right at a reasonable price just call  MANCO PAINTING   
David Felske and his workers came on time,he told them what needed to be done then left
Armondo in charge.I was very impressed with Armondo and his crew they did a GREAT JOB. I
also was impressed with what MONCO PAINTING includes in their estimates which is caulking
all windows and my sun room alone has 8 windows.they finished every thing in two and a half
days lef the place neat and clean.   THANK YOU MR.FELSKE    
Maryann Walker

Description Of Work: Painting interior walls and moulding, doors re-painted.
Comments: went very well. The painters were punctual and behaved professional.
Rosslyn M Duncan

Description Of Work: Pressure washed, repaired rotten wood and painted the exterior of the
house, repaired sheetrock and repainted repairs inside, painted two ceilings inside.
Comments: Their price was better that another estimate I received.  Arrived on time, were
responsive to my requests, were courteous, professional and finished the job on time.  I give
them them the highest rating.
Randolph Henry

Description Of Work: They repainted the inside and outside of my house with some siding
replacement.  They did a perfect job, real professionals, no problems whatsoever,  I highly
recommend them!
Charles Barnett

Description Of Work: Painted house exterior, including pressure washing, replacing rotted
wood and general carpentry repairs, cleaned gutters.
Comments: One of the best expreiences we've had with a service provider in years.  We
received estimates from four service providers and Manco was not only equal to the lowest, but
also the most detailed in describing the services to be provided.  The decision to select Manco
was obvious.   Communication was prompt and informative.  The crews arrived at the
appointed time and worked long hours to complete the job on time.  Care was taken to protect
the lawn and shrubbery as well as the lawn furniture etc.  The quality and attention to detail was
outstanding.  I will definitely use Manco again and have already reccoemded them to my
Louis G Ogden

Description Of Work: Manco Painting  did exterior painting for me.
Comments: We got them through Angie's List.  We were very pleased with them and agreed
with what every one said.  They were very professional, they came on time and they kept us up
to date on each step.  If they didn't finish that day they let  us know what they had done and when
they would be back the next day.  We just thought they were great and did a wonderful job. We
had gotten other estimates and they were the best.
Patty Elms

Description Of Work: Pressure washed entire exterior of the house including brick, caulked /
prepped as required and painted all in two days
Comments: The crew showed up right on time the day scheduled.  They worked efficiently and
kept us informed at each stage of the process.  At the end of the job the crew chief reviewed
every aspect of the work they had done with me.  The quality of the job far exceeded our
expectations and the attention to detail was amazing.  They not only painted the house but also
made sure all the external drain pipes, down spouts and flashing were all appropriately and
expertly painted.  The only drawback noted was the grass on one side of the house was killed
by whatever they used to clean the house.  Outstanding job other than the dead grass.
Paul Johnson

Description Of Work: I used Manco Painting for interior painting.
Comments: They are currently in the process of painting the interior of my home.  They are
painting my family room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, staircase and game room.  They had to
do quite a bit of drywall repair before they could start painting also.  They plan to complete the
job in two days.  I decided to use this company because of their price.  So far I have had a good
experience with them.
Carol Anatrella

Description Of Work: They painted all of my inside walls.  Also did a little touch up here and
there of crown molding and base boards.
Comments: They did a great job!  They did a good job protecting my belongings and they did
not spill any paint on anything!  I will be using them again
Brenda Moore

Description Of Work: Manco Painting pressured washed the entire house, replaced all bad
wood, caulked around all the windows, primed the new wood, matched the color of the paint to
a sample I had, and painted the exterior of the house including the garage.  It is a two story
Comments: They scheduled the job within two weeks of accepting their bid.  They showed up
on time on the day they said they would begin.  The crew supervisor was very nice and
professional.  They were very careful around all the landscaping with the ladders and the first
day they performed the pressure washing, caulking, and removing the bad wood.  The 2nd day
they installed the new wood, primed, and then painted.  They worked from 7 am to 7pm the
second day. They completed the job on the 3rd day ( half day).  The supervisor and I inspected
the job and he performed all minor touch ups I requested.  I did not have to pay any money until
the job was complete.  The work was very high quality and the house looks great!  They cleaned
up everything after the work was completed.  I will definite use them for all my painting needs.
Charles Newcomb

Description Of Work: They painted the den in our house.
Comments: They did a great job. They were on time and mindful of keeping the rest of the
house clean as they worked.  They were very thourough.  We called to have them come back
and do some more painting for us.
Alex Calicchia

Description Of Work: We had our house painted, replaced rotted wood, power washed, primed
(Bare wood), and calked.
Comments: The first day they worked 12 hours power washing, replacing the rotted wood,
priming (Bare wood) and calking. They made sure that everything outside was covered and
even taped off all the areas that was painted (That was a first for me.) They made sure that all
metal areas were painted with an oil based paint and used a premium latex paint on the rest of
the house.  Painters that we had in the past always left paint on the brick, but not this company.  
They were great!  They showed up on time and were very professional.  David's quote was very
competitive and I got an e-mail within 24 hours of having him look at the house.  Just finding
this company is worth being an Angie'd list member.
Karen Walters

Description Of Work: Replace rotting trim boards on soffits, facias, window trim, garage door
trim. Paint prep, water blasting, cleaning, calking. Paint all trim and front door. Replace rear
door w/ fiberglass door and paint door.
Overall a very pleasant experience and price was lowest we received of several estimates.
Crew was prompt and cleaned up each day before leaving.
Door installation was exceptionally well done.
Gary Harrison

Description Of Work: Interior:  Painted kitchen/breakfast areas, hallway walls, ceiling and
woodwork/trim.  Painted 1/2 bath walls, ceiling and woodwork.  We recently had a new roof and
needed old water damage repaired in our entry hall, primed/painted two-story ceiling.  Repaired
sheetrock/textured/painted ceiling in upstairs bedroom and bath.
Exterior:  Replaced soffit boards at upper back and paint.
Comments: David (President):  We like that David gives a complete proposal/estimate with all
specifications spelled out.  David arrives with his crew on time and does a thorough walk thru
with you and his crew supervisor (we had Ramon) on what job is to be done.  He is very
respectful/considerate of your property.....they cover/protect all areas from the front door to the
back.  David also shows up during the job to check on progress.  
Ramon and his crew:  Awesome painters!!!  They did an amazing job!  They were very respectful
and if they had any questions about the job, they would ask.  I especially appreciated how well
they cleaned up after the completion of the job.  Ramon did a walk thru with me before he left
and took care of any questions I had during the job.  David is fortunate to have such a great
crew.  Thank you Ramon and please thank all of your guys for a job well done!
Lisa:  Great customer service, replies promptly/efficiently and ease in scheduling the job.
Scott Spence

Description Of Work: Manco painted the exterior house and trim plus replaced any rotted wood
Comments: The crew showed up on time.  There was no overspray or damage other than a few
broken branches on plants which I expected.  They cleaned up when finished.  This was a big
job and there were very few items that were missed.  They came back the next day and took
care of everything to my satifaction.  I am very pleased with the job.  Plus David monitored his
crew daily. I did not put a price in because that's private but, while they were not the cheapest
bid, they did a great job and I feel I definitely got my monies worth.
Sarah Nowak

Description Of Work: Roberto and his crew power washed the entire one story house (after
removing all items on my exterior hardiplank walls and moving patio furniture), replaced all
rotten boards entirely (no cutting and splicing wood trim together). caulked all nail holes,
removed peeling paint, caulked around all windows as needed, and primed and painted the
entire house, front door, gutters, shutters and light post. Also replaced and painted my outside
dryer vent cover.  
Comments: I called David in late Oct. to give me an estimate on exterior house painting and
replacing rotten wood. I expected a much higher estimate than the $1680.00 bid received (the
final price increased $25.00 in the end as I requested them to repaint the lamp post which was
not included in the original bid).   I was not in a huge hurry to get the job done so when David
told me he was booked until after the new year, I was fine with that.   2 days later, David called
back and said he could do it 12.5-6.2012 and I jumped on it. I was also given a bid to repaint
the interior living area, hallways and all trim but was unable to have that done at the same time.
Although I neglected to tell David that in advance he was professional about it although I knew I
had really inconvenienced him and his crew.  I felt really bad about it but he was
understanding.  Day 1 of project David, Roberto and his crew arrived at 0730. I was at work but
my sister was home so David called me at work to review the job and color preference. I went
with the color he suggested (I was changing the house color from white to taupe/beige).  When
I arrived home, I did not care for the color picked (only the primer color had been applied but it
was the color I had agreed to.)  I spoke with Roberto about it and he suggested I take the paint
to Sherwin Williams (SW) and have them retint it the color I had originally thought I wanted to
paint the house. I did just that and SW didn't even charge me!  Roberto painted areas of both
colors for me and I went with my original choice.  He had all the paint retinted the next morning
and when I came home day 2 the entire house was painted and it looks fabulous!!!   They did
an excellent  job replacing the rotten wood, caulking and Roberto even color matched my down
spouts and painted them the original color  (I did not want to change the color of the down
spouts but he put a fresh coat of paint on them so everything would look fresh.  I didn't even
think of that.)   I am very pleased with the outcome and the house looks like I had envisioned it
for 2 yrs. The crew was professional, neat and cleaned up everything before leaving after day 1
of the project.  They even moved my heavy outdoor benches into the garage for me.  After day 2
of project was complete, Roberto walked the house with me and showed me everything they
had replaced, caulked and repaired to make sure I was satisfied.  He even repainted my house
numbers that are inset in the house in stone as the black had worn off.   One note, 2 days after
completion, I found a rope tied around some branches in my front yard where the crew had tied
them to pull them away from the house so they could repaint the shutters.  Minor detail - I untied
the rope and the limbs are fine.  (They did have to trim some the branches initially to get to the
Morning of day 2 I realized my electrical outlets in my BRs were not working and I was unable to
reset them.  Turns out when they were power washing the house, the GFI outlet on my front
porch got fried (which was connected to the BR outlets). Don't know how that happened but I
had to have that replaced by an electrician. I am now having a new separate wire run for the BR
outlets.  This was not the fault of the painting crew.  Over all, a job very well done and I will have
them back to paint my interior in the spring. My house looks brand new and fresh!
Kelly Salmon

Description Of Work: Manco painted most of the upstairs interior, the downstairs kitchen and
laundry room, stair trim and entry way,  This included ceilings, closets, walls, trim, book cases,
shelves, cabinets and doors. All woodwork was done in oil and two coats of paint on the walls.  
They lightly sanded woodwork before painting it.   
Comments: They came every day on time, with excellent workers and enough painters to finish
in 3 1/2 days.  They did an excellent job and I would use them again.  Dave was courteous,
responsive, and professional and came out a few times to see how things were going and for
the final inspection.   We were very pleased with the overall experience.
Teresa A Ball

Description Of Work: I used Manco painting in August 2012 when my parents passed away
and I finally got their home cleaned out and we did some updates and they came over and did
complete painting of the interior ceiling, walls, trim work, doors everything. They painted the
ceilings of our homes, the downstairs and probably in last couple of years.
Comments: We had great results. We have used them for many years for painting different
times and not only their estimates are great the quality of the work is excellent. They drape
everything, there is no paint splatter, they never damaged anything . They are wonderful. We
didn't have to move a piece of furniture like I said they were perfect. In fact we would love them to
come up and work on our house upstairs, but he has got a more travel out of town. They are
experienced. They know what they are doing. They come in and they get it done fairly quickly. We
never had any problems with them at all. They tell you what they are going to do and they deliver
on it. I would use them again for a retirement home that we bought recently.
Karen Duncan

Description Of Work: power washed entire house which is 2 story brick.  Replaced rotten
wood, mainly facia.  Caulked around windows, cracks, everything.  Painted all wood work.
Comments: Very pleased.  Manco was one of the 3 companies I chose to bid on the job based
on their positive grades on Angie's list.  All the bids were reasonably close but I chose Manco
based on my meeting with owner David Felske.  He pointed out problem areas that I had not
noticed but was not trying to up his estimate.  He knows what he is talking about and is very
professional and straight forward.
Manco's crew was also very professional and courteous.  One of the crew members did nothing
more than caulk the entire day.  They also took a lot of care to protect areas from overspray.  
Their carpentry was very good as well.
The job took 2 full days.
We were very pleased.
Steven Morby

Description Of Work: We used Manco Painting Inc. We had an electrical fire and they repaired
the damage and painted everything. There was sheet rock and complete reconstruction of the
Comments: We were happy with Manco Painting Inc. Their work was good, their price was
reasonable, they were on time, they came the day they said they were going to come and
completed the job in a timely manner and I had no complaints about any damage. They were
cheaper than the other two companies that we got quotes from.
Mike Jenrette

Description Of Work: I had damage to my siding - my hardi plan siding was rotting and falling
apart. Further more my patio door and the frame were rotted and needed to be replaced. I also
needed the house to be power washed and repainted.
Comments: David showed up promptly on time to give me estimate. He walked around the
house with me looking at the siding damage as well as the door and frame damage. Was
talking in details on how in his opinion the issues should be resolved and what piece needed
to be replaced. He also suggested other options that would save me money but resolve my
issue. The estimate was very reasonable and I made appointment.
Team showed up on time and promptly started their work, they actually ended up replacing both
of my doors and frames. First they replaced the door and the frames. Next they replaced several
pieces of my hardi plank and next started caulking. Guys were very detailed oriented and took
their time to fill every single hole and crack. After they were done, they power washed my entire
house and started painting. The entire task took 2 full days and I felt very comfortable not
staying the entire time at my house and left the house open.
They had done a great job and I had several neighbors commenting on the great quality work
they had done.
Vera Carpenter

Description Of Work:
They replaced rotted wood, pressure washed house, caulked, and painted the exterior of our
Comments: They were on time.  They were very competent and hard working.  Excellent
I would definitely recommend them... and use them again.
Alice Lanik-Brown

Description Of Work: Power washed the exterior, painted door, shutters and house.  
Comments: Fantastic.  And there is one area that looks a little modeling.   He did what he could
with two coats.
Camille Ford

Description Of Work: Completed all preparation/pressure washing and exterior painting and
repair to exterior of house and free standing garage.
Comments: The service was extremely professional and just perfect from beginning to end.  
David was extremely punctual, organized as well as the office and crew that completed the work
on our home.  Our home and garage look awesome and you would never have known that
anyone was there after they left because they cleaned everything back up so nicely.  The crew
was extremely careful and our
pergola and trees and bushes near the house were completed protected from any damage and
paint.  All in all it was more than we expected and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone
needing a painting company.  Thank you for a wonderful job!!!!
Andrea Dally

Description Of Work: Painted the exterior of my home and replaced rotted wood.
Comments: They were great!  David came out and walked me around the exterior of my home
and showed me what wood I needed to have replaced and made sure he understood every
detail of what I wanted painted rather than just hand me a slip of paper with an estimated price.  
I had received several quotes from different providers so when I decided to use Manco Painting,
they came out within 2 days to begin the work.  They were very professional and finished the job
promptly without a hiccup.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have some
painting done
Martin Soto

Description of Work: Painted the entire INTERIOR of the house less one room that had
recently been painted.
Comments: Scheduled to begin at 7:30AM, the crew was on time all three days and worked
until about 7:30PM.  They were careful with our possessions.  Top-notch work by a top-notch
crew.  Although not the cheapest estimate we received, we are very pleased with their work and
would certainly recommend this company to others looking for a great painting job.
M Greenspan

Description Of Work: Paint entire exterior, replace trim work.
Comments: Excellent job from start to finish.  During the estimate, specifics for trim pieces that
needed replacing and required prep work were detailed.  Painiting crew arrived on time,
prepared site and did a great job from start to finish, includng clean-up.
Michael McElmurry

Description Of Work: They prepped and painted the exterior of our home.
Comments: They were supposed to start on Tuesday, but due to rain delays they didn't get
started until Friday.  The office was very good about calling and keeping us informed and let us
know when they would be there.  The crew came out on Friday to prep.  They took down all the
exterior wall decorations and moved all my plants and patio furniture out into the yard away from
the house.  They filled all the cracks, replaced rotted wood and caulked around the windows
and doors.  Saturday morning they came back to paint.  We were thoroughly impressed with the
fact that they covered our cars inside the garage to protect them even though the door remained
closed.  They did a beautiful job and were very thorough.  They also cleaned up well.  We would
definitely recommend them for your painting needs.
Kimberly Hoffman

Description Of Work: Painting exterior
Comments: Very professional. Great work. Great cleanup afterwards.
Salvatore Scibilia

Description Of Work: interior painting
Comments: Outstanding quality work. They were professional, spotless and did flawless work.
I am going to use them to paint the exterior of my house soon!
Sondra Galaviz

Description Of Work: Paint exterior of home, replaced wood trim, caulked
Comments: all went great...on time....priced as agreed...would definitely use again.....
Dan Shelton

Description Of Work: Repair and Paint Exterior Trim on house including garage and carport
Comments:Everything went like clockwork.
They came when they said they would be here to give an estimate.  
We agreed to what we felt was a fair price for the job.
The crew showed up on the agreed date and did a great job all around. Cleaned exterior
surfaces, replaced some rotten wood, caulked all windows, doors, and trim work, replaced
damaged sheetrock soffit under carport and floated same.  Then painted everything.
They put away their materials and cleaned up each night before leaving and finished the job on
by the agreed date.
Great job, great crew!
Charles Nielsen

Description Of Work: Hardi siding and painting
omments: I brought in six companies to do estimates. David walked me through their
process step by step, answered my questions and offered small services (caulking the
expansion joints and painting window lintels) that other companies did not. Because of these
additional services I had already decided to go with Manco when I got their estimate and they
were the lowest! They did everything they said they were going to do, cleaned up beautifully and
finished early. II plan to call them next year when I do some interior work. EXCELLENT WORK.
Brooks Cima

Description Of Work: Painted outside and did two rooms inside with sheet rock repair
Comments: I must say as a family run they have the best crew there is, they did major wood
replacement on outside and painted this 2 story house in two days and two rooms in upstairs
needed paint and Sheetrock repair. Manco painting is and will be the only one I will use..
Michael Gherman

Description Of Work: Cleaned, prepped and re-caulked the entire exterior of a two story brick &
Hardy Board house, and painted the exterior with Sherwin Williams Premium 25 Year paint.
Repaired superficial cracks and painted two bedrooms and full bathroom.
Comments: David Felske is a experienced professional, he asked the relevant questions and
provided the quote. His friendly customer svc agent scheduled a date for  the work to be done.
Umberto and his painting team were cordial, on time, efficient and professional. They did
superior work and cleaned up afterward.
Dan Turner

Description Of Work: Powerwashed, repaired rotten wood, caulk and paint 2 story home and
garage exterior
Comments: Great job, very impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail.  Walked
the home before and after the job, they explained everything and even mid-job, pointed out
areas of concern that they were going.   The bottom line is that they came and completed the
job and left as if no one had been there at all!  The only difference is a the house looks great.

Description Of Work: Replaced rotted fascia, freeze board and trim with Hardi material.  Caulk,
prime (where necessary) and paint the entire exterior of our ~3500 sq.ft 2 story home and
detached garage.  Also lightly sanded and varnished our front door
Comments: David did a fantastic job of managing this project.  He and his crews show up on
time and do quality work.  The are responsive if you have questions both before, during and
after the project is completed.  David provides a very detailed bid (unlike many others I called
from Angie's list) so that you know exactly what you are getting and the material that he will be
using.   We agreed on exactly how much wood, and of what size, was going to be replaced in
his bid.  It is not uncommon at all for the painters to find additional wood rotted (higher
elevations, behind gutters, etc that are hard to identify from the ground) once they get into the
project.  When this occurred, David or his lead foreman showed it to us, we agreed on a change
order for extra cost for things identified outside the bid before it was replaced and there were no
surprises at the end of the project.  
I believe Manco's ability to provide details on exactly what you are getting, their attention to detail,
ability to plan and schedule work and use of high quality labor and materials sets them apart.  I
really like folks that do what they say they are going to do, when they say there are going to do it
for the agreed price!
Terry Costlow